Create Your Own Ringtone using Name Ringtone Maker

Create Your Own Ringtone using Name Ringtone Maker

My Name Ringtone Maker is the best app for making name ringtone as your favourite caller tune.

Not only your own name. You can create ringtone using any names. How famous the name can be, you can make it as your incoming call ringtone.

No need to browse online websites to create best ringtones. You can use this app to create beautiful ringtones for your phone.

Using this name ringtone maker app you can create name ringtone in 4 simple steps.

1) Enter your favorite name in the Enter Name Screen.

2) Then Select Or Type Text Which you want to add after your name.

3) Now you can Play the ringtone in generate ringtone screen.

4) Now you can save the ringtone & also set default ringtone.

More Features:

My Ringtones :
# Using My Ringtones section to check all of your ringtones Which you created using the app.
Language :
# Using Language section to check all of your ringtones language Which you can create using the app.
Download this App: Click Here


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